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Surefin Mechanical Equipment is a leading custom coil manufacturing company serving the marketplace with superior-quality products like custom coils, evaporator coils, hot water coils, chiller coils, and other accessories for commercial, government, industrial and institutional applications as well as military installations. With over 10 years of experience manufacturing custom coils for customers worldwide.

We offer high-quality AC condensing coils, water heating coils, and HVAC evaporator coils to get your project finished– the first time right. Whether your application coil needs are for HVAC heating and cooling, evaporator, condenser, booster coil, or tube bundles, discover the superior quality advantage of our coils. We have a dedicated, expert engineering team that can help you resolve even the hardest of difficulties. We fabricate and convey your custom coils no matter the dimensions of your requirement. Contact us now!

Surefin Mechanical Equipment encourages organizations with all our current and potential customers with all our considerations on creating quality coils, including evaporator coils, chilled water coils, heat exchanger coils, hot water coils replacement coils, heater coils, cooling coils, HVAC coils, chiller coils, and more. We put resources into your organization’s success. We manufacture the best quality coils available on the marketplaces today.

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Here at Surefin Mechanical Equipment, we produce superior quality tube bundles for many different types of applications. We can manufacture custom tube bundles to your exact specifications.

Complete as much data as you can in the form below. Based on your responses, Surefin will provide you with a cost estimate for your tube bundle as well as delivery schedule information.


Extensive Manufacturing Capabilities

Our high-quality and repeatable manufacturing processes are designed to minimize cost and maximize quality. It allows us to provide our valued customers with premium quality design-specific manufactured coils. From prototype coils to large production volumes, we can handle all your manufacturing requirements. Contact us now for more information on our custom coil manufacturing capabilities.


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    The foundation of Surefin Mechanical Equipment is its highly-qualified engineers and skilled artisans. With over 50 years’ experience, Surefin’s quality advantage begins with superior designs that are then carried out by seasoned craftsmen–supplemented only by technology and robotics.

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    Surefin Mechanical Equipment – A One Stop Destination For All Custom Coils

    Are you looking for a trusted coil manufacturing company? Need high-quality custom coils? Search no more because you have come to the right place. At Surefin Mechanical Equipment we can get you the quality-assured product you seek at the most reasonable rates. We are a leading custom coil manufacturing company and we have been serving the marketplace with premium-quality custom coils and accessories for years.

    We specialize in commercial, government, industrial as well as institutional applications. We also do military installations. You can fully rely on us because we have over 10 years of experience in manufacturing custom coils. And we serve customers worldwide. Please visit our blog page to get more details.

    Our team takes pride in offering high-quality coils and thus, we help you to get your project finished right at the first time. Do you need application coils for HVAC heating and cooling? Or, is it for the evaporator, condenser, booster coil, or tube bundles? Come and explore the superior quality benefits of our coils.

    We take pride in our dedicated team of expert engineers. We specialize in resolving even the most complicated issues. We design and demonstrate your custom coils no matter how big or small your requirements are. If you have any queries, contact our support team. We are accessible 24*7 to respond to your queries.

    Surefin Mechanical Equipment support organizations as well as all our current and potential customers. And we make it happen with the help of all our considerations on excellent coils. We put resources to drive success for your organization. We proudly declare that we manufacture and supply the best quality coils accessible on the market.

    The entire credit goes to Surefin Mechanical Equipment’s highly qualified engineers and skilled artisans who are the foundation of this company. We have over 5 decades of experience under our belt. Our quality advantage starts with advanced designs and these are handled by seasoned craftsmen supported by exclusive and state-of-the-art technology and robotics.

    Why Choose Us?

    While there are so many coil manufacturing companies out there in Lancaster, not all of them are reliable. Check out the business traits that help us stand out in the business.

    > Years of experience – You can choose to deal with us because we have over 50 years of experience. This is how we assure precision and quality in every item we manufacture and supply.

    > Reasonable rates – All our products are available at the most reasonable rates. And we supply premium quality products. No compromise on the quality.

    > Custom coil manufacturing – We offer tailored solutions to every customer and every organization. This is because we know that every client and organization is different and so are the requirements. Thus, we take care of your budget and meet your specific needs.

    > Expertise you can rely on – Our team of expert engineers is reliable because we are well versed in coil manufacturing. We master the art of manufacturing ac condensing coils, water heating coils, HVAC evaporator coils, evaporator coils, chilled water coils, heat exchanger coils, and many more.

    > Advanced technical support – Apart from our skill and experiences the other inevitable factor that assures promptness, efficacy, and precision in our products is state-of-the-art technical support. And our approach is always supplemented by that.

    > Comprehensive solution – Whether you need hot water coils, replacement coils, heater coils, cooling coils, HVAC coils, chiller coils, steam coils, or you seek expertise with chiller barrels, tube bundles, ac condenser, HVAC condenser, etc. – we can help you with everything. Also, we cover various domains including commercial, government, industrial as well as help you with institutional applications.

    > Flexibility and consistency – We are capable of meeting the needs of every size – small, medium, to large. Also, we promise to supply the quality products on time, every time.

    Products We Supply

    Chilled Water-Cooling Coil

    Used for a single purpose such as heating or cooling,

    DX Evaporator Coils

    Made for heat absorption and generally function at a lower pressure.

    Standard Steam Coils

    Looks and operates very much like a hot water coil.

    Hot Water And Booster Coils

    Booster coils are typically just smaller-sized hot water coils. Made without headers, these save on manufacturing costs.

    Steam Distributing Coils

    Here, an inner tube is inserted down the entire length of the outer tube. Thus, the steam is distributed down the inner tube evenly.

    Tube Bundle and Replacement Coils

    Here, one flows through the inserted tubes, and the other flows outside the tubes but inside the shell.

    Our Other Products

    Also, choose from our other products including Evaporator and Condenser Coils, Heat exchanger coils, and much more. To get our quotes, please fill up the form. You can also call us or contact us directly!

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    Our Clients

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What type of coils do you manufacture?

    Do you manufacture custom coils?

    Yes, we are all about designing and manufacturing custom coils.

    Which areas do you cover?

    We serve customers globally. We can supply orders to every corner of the world.

    Which industries do you serve?

    From commercial, government, industrial to institutional applications and military installations - we make coils for all sorts of uses.

    What about your crew of professionals?

    We take pride in our qualified engineers and skilled artisans with over 5 decades of experience under the belt.

    How does the process go on?

    We start with advanced designs and these are handled by seasoned craftsmen supported by exclusive and state-of-the-art technology and robotics.

    Do you take small orders?

    Yes, we offer you a flexible custom solution for coil designing and manufacturing. No matter which industry you belong to or what size of order you want to place - we can serve you.

    How long have you been in this business?

    Well, it has been over 5 decades since we have been involved with this business.

    Do you make replacement coils for original coils?

    Yes, we can make replacement coils and make replicas for the coils from the brands that are no longer available.

    Which materials do you choose?

    We evaluate the coil's external and internal operating environments and choose proper materials and coatings accordingly. The materials we work with are aluminum, copper, carbon steel, stainless steel, cupro/nickel, Hastelloy, titanium, etc.

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