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Standard Steam Coils

Standard Steam Coil

(40º F and above) This coil looks and operates very much like a hot water coil. It's almost always a 1 or 2-row coil, and the steam enters and leaves just like hot water. The major difference in the construction is that the tubes and return bends are heavier wall copper and the brazing process is upgraded. Always remember that even low-pressure steam is more erosive that hot water and a steam coil needs to be built accordingly. Also, Standard Steam coils must be used with entering air above 40º. If you pass colder air across this type of coil, you will freeze it immediately.

Steam Coil vs. Hot Water Coil

Steam is not hot water and even low-pressure steam needs to be handled completely differently that hot water, When you build a standard steam coils, you have several different options regarding the construction.

  • .025 wall copper - low pressure up to 20 p.s.i.g.
  • .035 wall copper - medium pressure up to 50 p.s.i.g.
  • .049 wall copper - high pressure up to 100 p.s.i.g.
  • .035 or.049 cupro/nickel - higher pressure up to 200 p.s.i.g.
  • .049 or.065 carbon steel - very high pressures
  • .035 or.049 stainless steel - very high pressures

Traps, Vacuum Breakers, etc.

Steam requires a whole set of controls and valves that are not present with hot water. This is important, because both performance and life expectancy of standard steam coils is directly tied into how well these controls are designed. This is not true for any other type of coil. If you select the wrong type of trap or place it incorrectly in the system, then the coil will probably fail prematurely. Often you will require vacuum breakers as well.

Tube Diameter

Standard steam coils come in two different diameters, either 5/8" or 1". Standard team coils are available only in 5/8". There are many 100% outside air preheat applications that require a large lbs./hr. of steam input. As a result, these applications develop a lot of condensate, and it's impossible to evacuate this amount of condensate from a small 5/8" tube. The coils just backup the steam, because the condensate has nowhere to go. When you have this kind of job, a 1 " steam distributing coil is what you want to use. Basically steam coils fail far more often than other types of coils, because everything about them is more complicated. In the plan & spec market, everybody is trying to take "shortcuts" to get the job and as a result, there are many misapplications.

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Standard Steam Coils

Surefin offers replacement for any size steam coil, even custom ones.

Steam Coils are used for heating applications and are built to operate at pressures of up to 125 PSIG with a maximum temperature of 353°F. They are pressure tested with 600 PSIG of dry nitrogen. The most frequent use of steam coils is for retrofitting or modifying existing steam heat systems.

Standard steam coils are used in a variety of high and low pressure applications and are designed to handle large amounts of steam and to provide quick condensate removal. Uniform steam distribution to each of the coil core tubes is accomplished by proper header assembly design.

  • Applications include preheat, boosters, reheat, duct heaters, process air and gas heaters and more
  • All sizes, shapes, capacities, circuit patterns, fin/tube configurations.
  • Duplication of obsolete designs; custom design for new applications.
  • We match existing dimensions and performance criteria for coils presently in use.

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